La Carte Menu

Welcome to the MUŻA Restaurant, we are proud to present our menu, carefully curated to include a fine selection of dishes inspired by our passion for art and hand-crafted cuisine. The Menu is an experience inspired by the pleasures of taste. Our specialities feature fresh, home grown and seasonal produce. An inspiring space inviting you to eat, relax and interact with those by your side and the art treasures in the national collection. MUŻA is an art experience which runs through the restaurant and the museum galleries.

Making the most out of fresh and seasonal produce, this menu banks on the pleasures of taste to present some of the artworks on display in the four main museum narratives: Mediterranean, Europe, Empire and the Artist. Textures, shapes, colours, elements and stories come together to offer an art-inspired sensory experience

.These same spaces, once housing a kitchen which catered for the hungry Italian Knights, is today welcoming all those ravenous for

inspiration. Explore MUŻA Restaurant and experience the flavours of our menu!

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