Muza Restaurant


MUŻA Restaurant is situated within the museums public spaces of MUŻA – the National Community Art Museum, within the historic Auberge D’Italie in the Capital City of Valletta. MUŻA Restaurant not only upholds the key values guiding the MUŻA project but is also an essential part of the project’s interpretative strategy providing a complementary experience to the narrative on display thanks to a unique culinary experience. 

MUŻA Restaurant boasts four main dining areas within MUŻA each having a rich history of their own:

The La Valette Bar & Bistro

The La Valette Room, is located within what once was the Auberge’s Kitchen. A quaint space where surviving elements from the original historic kitchen including the flagstone flooring, the hearth complete with sooth and grime and other architectural features are combined with and interpreted through modern décor.

The beautiful ceiling installation recalls back the smoke that used to rise from the ovens and fill up the whole kitchen with soot. Once entering the room, one’s eyes naturally follow this clever installation from behind the bar up to the ceiling, and this allows the viewer to notice the Grand, semi-opened arch which allows natural light to flood the room as well as giving a view to the calming sky, be it day or night.

La Valette Bar & Bistro is an ideal environment for lunches and dinners between friends, casual dining experiences that can be enjoyed with family members and private seated or reception functions.

The Donato Private Room

The Luxurious and Romantic Donato Room, this was the space where domestics responsible for the day to day running of the kitchen and services would have lived during the times of the Order of St John. When Auberged’Italie became the Valletta Museum, the museum’s custodian would have lived here too. This room has now been transformed into the Main Dining Room.

The luxurious interior, with shades of blue, red and green is illuminated by the resplendent metal-work chandelier which casts a delicate floral pattern onto the interior. This pattern is inspired by the early 20th century decorative frieze which still survives.

If you are looking for an exclusive area, The Donato Room is ideal for specials occasions and intimate weddings. It can be decorated, set up and presented to your requirements when booked for an event.  The Room seats a maximum of 30 guests.

The Gallery Area

This is the Gallery, a bright, open space that allows you to dine in the heart of the museum. The walls are adorned with beautiful photographs and glass openings that allow you to peek into the exhibits, while the adjoining courtyard lets in copious amounts of natural light during the day.

The Mediterranean Courtyard

Our Typical Mediterranean Courtyard is the ideal open space to unwind and experience the historic fabric of the building itself. This is the MUŻA agora or public space with a prominent arch crowning a well at the centre of the courtyard. This is the place where to enjoy Malta’s Mediterranean weather, perfect for lunch and dinner or to celebrate a special occasion.

The Mediterranean Courtyard is a multi-purpose venue within MUŻA Restaurant capable of hosting receptions of up to 250 guests or banquets for up to a 150 diners. It is an ideal location in the heart of the Capital City for a variety of events from weddings, gala diners and other special occasions.

MUŻA…the place where to be inspired!